There and Back Again!

13 Aug

I have a friend named Mikey, who wants to ruin his life.
He does this in rather inventive ways suggested by others and even has his own weblog about it. Sometimes these challenges develop a life of their own, like the Victoriana LARP and some of them require a little help from his friends. Well, he could probably do most of it on his own, but it would be less fun. Also, Mikey is lovely and totally deserves having his life ruined with as much help as possible.

This is the reason, we took a trip to Wales last weekend and went up Mount Snowdon.

I had never been to Wales before, so for me it felt like a proper holiday abroad. They have dragons! Lots of sheep! Delicious cheese! And words with too many consonants! Allegedly it also rains a lot, but we had excellent weather on the day of our climb. Dry, a bit sunny, but not scorching.

And – major spoiler ahead – despite the fact that we took a group picture at the beginning, we all made it back in one piece and no one was left behind.

For the way up to the summit, we took the Rhyd Ddu path, which is supposedly one of the easier routes.It was still enough of a challenge. Quite steep in parts and with a narrow path along the ridge towards the end. There were a lot of references to Lord of the Rings and some mentioning of “Mount Doom”.

But the view was very pretty.

We were very glad when we reached the summit, even though it was massively crowded up there. In addition to the several routes leading up to the summit, there’s also the train. But we found a place outside where we could have a break and sandwiches honestly never tasted that good before!

On the way down, we took the Llanberis path at first, later following the Ranger path and going across country, startling quite a few sheep on the way. It was all downhill from there…

In between we had a nice stop at a stream, where we dipped our feet into the ice cold water.

Later, we would learn, not to underestimate the value of dry feet. The description “a bit boggy in parts” was quite optimistic. Some of our Hobbits almost fell into the bog and lighted little candles of their own. Also we all had muddy, soggy boots and socks.

But it still was very pretty there.

Towards the end we were all eager to get back to the cars. “It’s not far now – just over that hill there!”  – unfortunately there were a lot of hills.

Or my favourite conversation, shortly before we reached the parking lot:
“It’s not far now!”
“You said that an hour ago!”
“Yes, but then I was lying!”

In the end we made it back, tired, exhausted, hungry, but really proud of what we had done! It was a fun day and if Mikey needs any more help with ruining his life, I’d be there anytime!

The stats of our trip:
Rhyd-dhu path (up) 6.75km (4.2miles) ascending 889m.
Llanberis-Ranger path-quarry (down) 8.5km (5.3miles) descending 889m
Total distance 15.25km (9.5 miles)



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